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In Turkish Actors we are fans of the Turkish series and novels, that’s why we are interested in the real life of the Turkish actors and actresses who give life to the characters of the TV series and who awaken our emotions.

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We tell you the Biographies of the Turkish Actors and Actresses, who they are, what they do, what they prefer, their romances, boyfriends and girlfriends, secrets, scandals and even their problems with justice! Also the Turkish Series and Novels where they acted, their successes and new projects in filming in Turkey!

Will Cagatay Ulusoy go to prison?
How many surgeries does Serenay Sarikaya have?
How many boyfriends did Cansu Dere have?
What did Elçin Sangu’s boyfriend do out of jealousy?
All this and much more in our pages!

Will Cagatay Ulusoy go to prison?

cagatay ulusoy


Cagatay Ulusoy, actor of Medcezir and Icerde, protagonist of the first Turkish series of Netflix, drags for several years, a judicial case.Cagatay was imprisoned for a month and now the case is waiting for a final resolution. The reason for this situation was linked to …Read more

Is Ozcan Denis getting a divorce?

ozcan denis


Earlier this year a strong rumor circulated about Ozacan’s divorce from his young wife, twenty years younger than him. However, the couple went out to deny the rumor with photos in Instagram. Some say that …Read more

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