Biography of Bariş Arduç

Date of birth: 09 October 1987.

Born in Scherzingen, Switzerland. His family is of Albanian origin, had emigrated to that country and was dedicated to real estate. When Bariç was eight years old, they went to Turkey.

Height: 1.82 cm. Astrological sign of Libra.

Baris Arduc has two brothers: his older brother Onur is married and the younger Mert Arduç is single.

Barış Arduç practiced swimming, diving, soccer, volleyball and many other sports activities. He even worked as a lifeguard at the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation for 8 years.

He speaks four languages: Turkish, English, Spanish and Albanian.

Since May 2016, he is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the Life Without Cancer Society of Turkey.

The Turkish actor has a boyfriend and has been living with the actress Gupse Özay for several years:

Professional Activity of Baris Arduc

He studied acting with several teachers and made his professional debut as an actor in 2009. He has appeared in several series. The novel Amor de alquiler (Kiralik Ask) gave him his reputation as an actor in Omar’s character.

Baris Arduç has twice won the Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2015 and 2016) for best actor, as well as the Sadri Family Theatre and Cinema Awards.

Since 2016 he has also started working as a director and scriptwriter.

Series and Novels:

2012 Benim Icın Uzulme

2013-2014 Bugunun Saraylisi 

2015 Kiralik Ask

2019 Kuzgun

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