Biography of Çagatay Ulusoy

Actor and Turkish model.

Born on September 23, 1990, you can calculate his age!

He was born in Istanbul, his father is Bulgarian and his mother is Bosnian. He has a younger brother Atalay. As children Cagatay took care of them when their parents went to work.

Height 1.88 cm, astrological sign Libra.

They say that Cagatay Ulusoy was a very restless child and that’s why his parents made him play sports from a very young age. He is skillful in almost all sports!

cagatay ulusoy actor turco

Çagatay begins in show business by entering the Best Turkish Model competition in 2010. From then on, she began to take acting classes.

His career as an actor began with the leading role in the novel “El secreto de Feriha” with Hazal Kaya, with which he became known and gained popularity. In 2015 he won the Golden Butterfly Awards for best actor for his performance in the Medcezir series.

Together with Burak Ozcivit they are considered the most beautiful Turkish actors.

After that, in 2017 he was co-star actor in the series Içerde , together with Aras Bulut Iynemli.

Cagatay Ulusoy in Netflix

His performances gave him the chance to be better known internationally and he was selected to star in The Protector, Netflix’s first original Turkish series. For that reason he moved 8 months to the USA to prepare himself in acting and English language.

Cagatay Ulusoy and their girlfriends

He has stated that he does not like very skinny women and prefers dark eyes, as well as brunettes. (Latinas seem to have a lot of opportunities!).

Cagatay Ulusoy and Hazal Kaya were said to be boyfriends when they were working together as a couple in Feriha, but both were denied.

He has been seen with several girls but Cagatay’s most outstanding sentimental relationship was with Serenay Sarikaya whom he met sharing the work in the novel Mecdezir.

cagatay y serenay
Çagatay y Serenay

During Icerde’s 2017 recordings, it was said that the actress Duygu Sarışın, who played the character Sema, was indeed the daughter of a senior Turkish government official. And they say that when she was in love with Çagatay, she asked her father to intercede in order to be hired in the series and thus conquer the Turkish gallant. But they were never seen together at the time. Cagatay was always alone and denied any relationship. It was not until the summer of 2018 that they began to be seen together on the beaches of southern Turkey.

cagatay y duguy

Cagatay Ulusoy with police problems

The actor was arrested in 2013 for drug possession along with 37 others.
He was arrested with his ex-girlfriend, the famous Turkish actress Gizem Karaca. According to reports, 20 kilos of heroin and 500 grams of cocaine were seized during the operation.

Çagatay y Gizem
Çagatay y Gizem

Ulusoy acknowledged the use of drugs and stated that his behaviour was due to the failure of the fiction The Way of the Emir (Emir Sarrafolu):

He said: “I never like to lose… I wasn’t interested in drugs, I led a healthy life but it was all downhill when Emir’s series was suddenly interrupted because he supposedly didn’t meet the audience. I was on the verge of despair, I began to doubt myself as an actor and the depression I was left in slowly began to make a dent,” Ulusoy added.

When he was summoned to court, both he and his ex-partner were about to be sentenced to two years in prison, however, it was only a few days. The trial ended in 2018 and the sentence has been 1 year and 9 months that he will not have to serve and will be remedied with the payment of a fine.

entrevista a cagatay
Primera entrevista para el concurso de Mejor Modelo de Turquia

Series and films de Cagatay Ulusoy

2011, Anadolu Kartallari, film
2011-2012 Adını Feriha Koydum, 
2012 Emir’in Yolu
2013-2015 Medcezir
2015 Delibal, film
2016-2017 İçerde
2018 The Protector

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