CANSU DERE theft and moving!!

Cansu Dere was stolen and moved!


Turkey is a country with a lot of security, however it does not escape the evil of these times, the thieves.

And this time the victim was the actress Cansu Dere. Sila’s successful protagonist, Ezel, Madre, was caught in her Bebek house, several months ago in 2018 and from that moment on she only thought of moving.

Only in these days she found an apartment that fit her taste and also in an area of greater security.

Surprisingly the neighborhood where he lived before and was robbed, is the Bebek neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul, a high-class and glamorous neighborhood, however or perhaps for that very reason, is a vulnerable area and chosen by lovers of the foreign.

Cansu declared that his personal belongings worth 500,000 Turkish Liras ($95,000) were stolen.

The famous chose to move now to the Asian side of Istanbul, called Anatolia, to the district of Kandilli and rented an apartment for 7500 liras (1400 dollars) per month.

This neighborhood stands out for its security, without taking away that is also cheaper than Bebek. So you’ll be quieter and save money!


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