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Biography of Halit Ergenc

Halit Ergenç was born on 30 April 1970, in Istanbul.

Sign of Taurus. Height: 1,80

He is the son of Turkish actor Sait Ergenç, his mother was a housewife and has a mentally disabled brother.

When he was a child his parents divorced and the family went through a lot of economic hardship, Halit worked from a very young age in various tasks including bricklaying.

halir ergenc turco

When he finished high school he decided to study Naval Engineering, but after a while he gave up and preferred to devote himself to his musical vocation and entered opera at Mimar Sinan University.

In order to pay for his studies, he worked as a marketing operator and began to perform as a vocalist and dancer for Ajda Pekkan and Leman Sam.

Professional Activity

When he graduated from the Bachelor of Musical Arts he wanted to try his luck and traveled to New York, USA, where he worked as a dancer and even played a small role in a TV comedy. But the scarce work, the residency papers added complications for which he decided to return to Turkey.

In 2006 he was summoned to play the leading role of the millionaire Onur in the novel Las Mil y Una Noches (Binbir Gece). This novel represented Halit’s first great success and his leap to fame in his country and later internationally.

From that moment on, he became the best paying actor in Turkey and was invited to make El Sultán and Vatanim Sensin, other great hits.

He has also made several films with less repercussion and varied critics.

Relationships of HALIT Ergenc

Halit Ergenc was married for the first time in 2006, when he began filming the novel Las Mil y Una Noches (The Thousand and One Nights). After 6 months of marriage he surprised everyone who will communicate his divorce. However, they were not surprised his setmates who already saw born a new love between Halit and Berguzar his partner in fiction.

Halit Ergenc and their wife Berguzar Korel

halit engec y su esposa

Halit and Berguzar were married on August 7, 2009, when they learned they were expecting a baby. They are the parents of Ali Ergenç, who was born on 8 February 2010.

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