Ibrahim Çelikkol

Who is Ibrahim Çelikkol?

Ibrahim Çelikkol is a Turkish actor.

He was born in İzmit, Kocaeli, on February 14, 1982.

His parents are Ayper Çelikkol and Süheyl Çelikkol. His mother’s family is of Pomak origin (an ethnic group whose religion is Muslim and which is mainly located in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, among other Balkan countries). They lived in Thessaloniki, but the Pomak were very persecuted in Greece because they were Muslims and so their parents emigrated to Turkey.

Before becoming an actor and model, he played in the youth basketball league.

Ibrahim’s Professional Activity

He began his career as an advertising model and then did his training in the field of acting.he first worked making films. Turkish director Osman Sinav made him known in the films “Pars Narkoterör” as Captain Şamil Baturay.

ibrahim celikkol modelo

The Turkish novels in which he stood out most were Iffet (2011), Kordugum (Intersection or Caminos Cruzados 2016), Siyah Beyaz Aşk (2017) and Muhteşem İkili (2018). It is very interesting to see through these telenovelas as he matures in his performance.

Ibrahim Celikkol fitness

Ibrahim Çelikkol and his girlfriends

Çelikkol’s first known sentimental relationship was with Deniz Çakir. At that time he began recording the novel Iffet and love was born with his business partner Deniz with whom they were in a couple from 2011 to 2013.

Ibrahim y DenizIbrahim and Deniz

When the novel ended and love ended, it was then that Ibrahim met Sinem Cobal (Kenan’s current wife Imirzalıoğlu) in a bar. Although he declared that he was very much in love, the relationship did not prosper.

ibrahim-çelikkol-sinem-kobalIbrahim and Sinem

Ibrahim Çelikkol and wife

Finally married the architect Mihre Mutlu in 2017, the couple had a romantic wedding in Datea (Turkey), in a traditional Turkish wedding with white robes and wreaths of flowers on the head.

Ibrahim Celikkol y esposaIbrahim and wife

Best Video from Ibrahim Çelikkol


Ibrahim is a handsome interpreter, whose passion is not limited to acting, but he is also passionate about extreme sports. He is a fan of the gym and formed a completely fitness figure. His physical attractiveness makes many fans love him and think that he is one of the most beautiful Turks of the moment. Maybe that’s why he has more than 800 thousand followers in Instagram.

Novels, Movies and Television Programs

2008: Pars Narkoterör como Batamil Baturay
2009: MAT como Sinan Atalay
2010: Keskin Bıçak como bidat
2010: Karadağlar como Gül Ali Karadağ
2011: Iffet como Cemil
2012: Fetih 1453 como Ulubatlı Hasan
2013-2014: Merhamet como Firat
2014: Sadece Sen como Ali
2014: Reaksiyon como Oğuz
2016: Seddülbahir 32 Saat
2016: Kördüğüm como Ali Nejat
2017: Siyah Beyaz Aşk como Ferhat Aslan
2018: Muhteşem İkili como Mert Barca


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