Özcan Deniz

Biography of Özcan Deniz, Turkish actor

Özcan Deniz, born in Ankara on May 19, 1972.

Astrological sign Taurus.

His father is Sadik Deniz and his mother Kadriye Deniz, is the second of a total of 5 siblings: Ercan, Sibel, Yurda and Melek Deniz.

His family is of Kurdish descent from the eastern Turkish province of Ağrı When Özcan was 5 years old his family emigrated to the city of Aydin, where he spent most of his childhood.

From adolescence he began to earn a living as a singer and formed his own band. He also set up his own amateur theatre company, where he performed with his friends the plays he himself wrote.

Özcan Deniz films and soap operas

His first steps in professional acting were doing theatre in the cities of Izmir and Antalya (southern Turkey), at that time he performed in the city of Sultanhisar in Aydin at the Festival of Traditional Music and won the first prize.

This allowed him to arrive in Istanbul in 1988, but he goes unnoticed by the producers and in 1989 decides to move to Germany to continue his career in music.

He returned to Turkey in 1991, recorded his first album in 1992 “Yine Ağlattın Beni” and became famous in 1993 with the song “Meleğim” Mi Angel.

Video of Ozcan singing:

In 1994, he did his first job as an actor in the cinema and had to interrupt his career in 1995 to do compulsory military service in his country. 1997, he returned to the cinema screen and wrote his first novel for television “Yalan”. At that time, he also wrote scripts for his own theatrical productions.

ozcan deniz cantando

From that moment on his career has been plagued with musical successes in film and television.in 2011 he did his first job as a film director and until today, he continues in this activity.

Ozcan is a great worker and excels in all areas in which he ventures.he has become famous in the televisions of Latianomérica, for the novels A Part of Me, Black Rose and the great Turkish success The Bride of Istanbul with Elcin Sangu.

Özcan, romances, girlfriends and wife Özcan has had a very intense sentimental life and with many romances and a long list of girlfriends: Arwa Gouda Egyptian actress, Fahrice Evcen actress (current wife of Burak Ozcivit), Ayka Kuru model, Ayce Ozdemir actress, Ece Uslu actress, Ayca Turan actress, Buse Narci actress and Sebnem Schaffer actress, among others.

His first wife was Hadan Deniz from 1992 to 2000.

ozcan y handan esposa

His second wife is Feyza Aktan twenty years younger, they married in 2018 and had a baby: Kuzey Deniz.

There were strong rumors of divorce at the beginning of 2019, but they have strongly denied it and have been happy in their social networks.


This handsome Turkish actor who has earned the love of many followers, stands out for his coquettish personality.

Ozcan has a white kitten whom he calls “my daughter” and posts photos of his daughter:

He has also declared as a musician to be an admirer of tango.

Series and Novels

1997: Yalan
1999: Aşkın Dağlarda Gezer
2002-2003: Asmalı Konak
2004-2006: Haziran Gecesi
2007: Kader
2008: Aşk Yakar
2009: Samanyolu
2012: Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı
2013-2014: Karagül
2014-2015: Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün
2017: İstanbullu Gelin
2017: Bana Söyleme


2006   Keloğlan Kara Prens’e Karşı
2011   Ya Sonra?    Adem
2013   Araf    Mahur
2012   Evim Sensin İskender
2013   Su ve Ateş    Haşmet
2016   Her Şey Aşktan
2016   İkinci Şans    Cemal
2017   Öteki Taraf   Çetin


Yine Ağlattın Beni (1992)
Hadi Hadi Meleğim (1993)
Beyaz Kelebeğim (1994)
Yalan Mı? (1997)
Çoban Yıldızı (1998)
Aslan Gibi (2000)
Leyla (2002)
Ses ve Ayrılık (2004)
Hediye (2007)
Sevdazede (2009)
Bi Düşün (2012)


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