You want to have dinner with Burak Ozcivit?

If you want to have dinner with actor Burak Ozcivit you’ll have to do like these Arab women:

Burak has received huge criticism in Turkey for the dinner he was part of in the country of Kuwait.

Burak and actor Konuya Alişan were hired to attend a dinner with 80 women from the Kuwaiti Royal Family.

This is not what was criticized, but charged 175,000 dollars to participate in the event.

Burak Ozcivit told reporters that it is not the first time and that it is frequent, as part of his activity and business, to attend matinees, presentations or events and collect a cashé.

And he ended up jokingly saying, “I had to have dinner anyway.

So you know, if you have a few thousand dollars left over, you can have Burak’s company to eat.


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